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Here you will find all the aggregator websites, offering flights booking to anywhere in the world.

 All MALPA recommendations are subjective and based on personal experience and the experiences of other travelers.

We hope you find your flights and get the maximum enjoyment from the trip!

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  • Aviasales


    One of the most famous, reliable and convenient flight search systems. More than 750 airlines and agencies in database.

  • Skyscanner


    The world's largest service, offering search of cheap air tickets among hundreds of airlines and agencies. Also offers hotels and car rentals.

  • Priceline.com


    The largest American broking service for  hotels, apartments, hostels, guest houses, airline tickets, rental cars, cruises, package tours, etc.
    Both Booking and Agoda are divisions of this corporation. Best Price. GUARANTEED. We guarantee the lowest price on everything you book.

  • OneTwoTrip


    Well-known Russian service. English version allows booking of hotels and flights.

  • ozon.travel


    One of the most famous searchers for cheap airline tickets on the ex-USSR space. It also allows you to book a cheap hotel, train in Russia, flight + hotel packages, insurance.

  • Momondo


    A large and reliable meta-search platform for cheap air tickets (more than 800 airlines and agents), hotels and other housing, cars. The system does not sell tickets, but gives the possibility of booking from the cheapest supplier. Head office is in Denmark.

  • Wego


    One of the largest Asian aggregators for booking airline tickets and hotels around the world.

  • Azair

    Azair helps you to find budget flights in Europe and near it.

  • Expedia


    One of the most popular American booking services. Cheap airline tickets from more than 300 airlines, hotels, cars, hotel + flights packages from around the world.



    Tickets.ua is an online platform that combines air and hotel booking systems, business logic and payment gateways. Tickets.by works simultaneously with the five largest GDS - Amadeus, Galileo, Saber, Gabriel and Siren. This allows you to effectively select routes, prices and offer the best options to clients.

  • GoEuro


    GoEuro is a unique product - compares prices and timetables for trains, buses and airplanes in one search from/to specified points.

  • CheapFlightSnow


    Offers cheap flights and hotels worldwide.  

  • Anywayanyday


    One of the leading Russia-based services, offering booking of air tickets and hotels. More than 800 airlines in database.

  • Tripsta


    A service for search and booking of railway tickets in Russia and Europe and also airline tickets worldwide. A division of Greek company Travelplanet24.com



    Tickets.ua is an online platform that combines air and hotel booking systems, business logic and payment gateways. Tickets.by works simultaneously with the five largest GDS - Amadeus, Galileo, Saber, Gabriel and Siren. This allows you to effectively select routes, prices and offer the best options to clients.

  • Travel3.de


    A German booking service, offering ferries, cruises. hotels, flights etc. Also, has "last minute" deals and coupons for all users.

  • Decolar.com


    Brazilian booking service. Hotels, hostels, apartments, houses, flights, car reservations and flight + hotel packages around the world, but the largest selection of options in South America. 150,000+ hotels and 500+ airlines. All-inclusive packages.

  • Tickets.ua


    Tickets.ua is an online platform that combines air and hotel booking systems, business logic and payment gateways. Tickets.by works simultaneously with the five largest GDS - Amadeus, Galileo, Saber, Gabriel and Siren. This allows you to effectively select routes, prices and offer the best options to clients.



    One of the world's largest meta-search systems for air tickets, hotels, cars and flight + hotel packages.

  • WhichAirline


    Former Flylowcostairlines.org. A well-known service for booking cheap tickets from low-cost airlines. Searches for both direct and connecting flights.

  • Lookupfare


    American airline booking service. The company focuses on domestic flights to the US, in other areas, in our view, loses to competitors.

  • Opodo


    Opodo is one of the largest travel agencies working in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Scandinavia. Offers flights, hotels and car rentals.
    In the Nordic countries, it is represented by Opodo Travellink AB.  

  • Sky-Tours


    The world's largest association of tourism professionals. Offers Flights, Hotels, car rentals, etc.

  • Dohop


    A large meta-search system. 600+ airlines and agents, 250,000 hotel options worldwide.  Head office in Reykjavik.

  • ixigo


    A well-known Indian aggregator founded in 2007. Offers cheap flights worldwide, rail and bus tickets in India and nearby Asian countries, as well as hotels among more than 100 reservation systems.

  • Adioso


    A well-known Australian meta-search system. Offers cheap flights and hotels.

  • Bravoavia


    A well-known Swiss service, offering search and booking of low cost airlines. More than 350 regular and more than 100 low cost airlines. Also offers hotel and car reservations.



    Aggregator for cheap flights from 800 airlines and 30 agencies, 700 000 hotels and hostels worldwide as well as package tours from various booking services.



    A major online booking service, offering airline tickets, cars, insurance and hotels. More than 650 airlines in database

  • Goibibo.com


  • traveloka.com


    An Indonesian service, offering cheap flights and railroad tickets in the countries of South-East Asia and hotels worldwide.

Tourists quite often face a situation when the cost of a plane ticket that is displayed by the third-party reservation system, is significantly lower than the amount requested by the official website of the airline. And if you start to compare prices for the same flight on different websites  , you can find out that it differs everywhere. The first thing that comes to mind of an inexperienced user — it’s some kind of trick! Not a trick, this has a logical explanation. The services that aggregate airlines offer tickets on the basis of individual agreements and special negotiated wholesale rates. Further, the price of the ticket is formed with margins of companies-aggregators, which are different for each company.Unlike those services, the airlines themselves have a fairly rigid pricing system and can sell cheap tickets in the course of pre-prepared promos.

Another reason why novice travelers, despite the overpayment, choose the option of buying a ticket on the official carrier website, is the stereotype that it’s the only way they can avoid problems if you need to change the date of departure or to cancel your reservation. This is misleading: airlines and aggregators have the same rules for exchanging or refunding the tickets. By the way, aggregators are even more flexible in such situations.

The existence of metasearchers makes life easier for tourists and saves their time. However, after comparing prices on different websites and selecting the lowest, it would be wise to take a look at the website of the carrier: maybe there is a special sale right now. If not, feel free to buy your ticket via the selected booking system. 

To go on vacation at the lowest price, consider the following recommendations:

Plan your vacation and buy tickets as early as possible, because in a couple of months before departure prices are galloping up. 

Do not try to fly during the high season: ticket prices are at the peak, and the pleasure of relaxation in the overcrowded tourist spots will be questionable. The best deals from airlines are in November-January. The highest prices are respectively in the summer, during the May and Christmas holidays.

Try to use special offers and sales. From time to time scan the prices for tickets in the desired direction through the prism of the current currency exchange rates. The cost of tickets also depends on the time of the day and the day of the week. For example, to fly in the early morning, night and midweek will be cheaper than on weekends.

Shortly before the date of departure ticket prices can jump up (if the direction is in high demand), and the opposite — to drop sharply (in the case of small number of passengers on the flight). It’s hard to predict this situation, so you can only take advantage of the reduced rates and spontaneously go on a trip. 

The cost of tickets is also affected by the model of the aircraft. The more passengers and luggage can be placed on board, the cheaper the trip will cost.

The chance to purchase cheap tickets is much higher for those who are planning to go on a popular tourist route than those who want something exotic. The more popular the route, there are more flights from different carriers who respond to the competition reducing the prices of the tickets.

When you determined the direction, compare the prices of the tickets for planes landing at various airports around the city. As a rule, low cost flights fly more to small unpopular airports. But don't forget to estimate the distance from the city: maybe the transfer will "eat up" whatever you have saved. 

If you fly quite often, use special bonuses from airlines: many carriers have a special program where passengers are awarded with points or miles. You can use them when paying for the next flight.

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