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Ты не знаешь как самому подобрать себе путешествие?

Мы знаем все про сервисы бронирования и мы знаем как в них работать. Вы даёте задание - Мы "собираем" поездку, анализируя все сайты мира!

Вам необходимо заполнить простую форму и наши специалисты начнут "собирать" путешествие для вас!

Заплатив 25 евро, Вы экономите время и сотни евро на каждом путешествии.

Каждый Ваш тур будет "собран" заядлыми путешественниками и профессионалами туризма с опытом работы не менее 5-ти лет!

Платная подписка включает подбор 4-х путешествий в год от профессионалов туризма и создателей портала!
Ты платишь 25 евро за 4 подбора и получаешь всю информацию, где забронировать все этапы своего индивидуального путешествия
Заполните форму
Как мы это делаем?

Dear travelers! We are glad to present you our website! On this portal we have collected and continue to collect, describe, structure and filter all the international booking services, which you will need at each stage of your journey planning. Why are we doing this?

There are a lot of experienced travelers in our team from amateur to professionals working in tourism for 10 years. We know that there is no single "magical" website aggregator, which will instantly give out the cheapest of all possible solutions and tell you how it would be more profitable to go in the selected direction, independently or by a package tour. We understand that even a seasoned traveler is forced to spend hours surfing the Internet and comparing options and prices on suitable resources, air flights, buses, trains, etc. And only after all these steps you have to make a choice.

We have not reinvented the wheel and developed the same "magical" website. But we did a great job and created a user-friendly portal for your journeys: we combined various booking services providing individual and group journeys, collected them in one place, divided into categories and described them using our experience and knowledge. All the booking services are presented on MalpaTRAVEL.

Discover, compare prices, search and find your best option for holidays - we did everything necessary to make this process as convenient as possible and to offer you the most complete and competent information.